Illustration by Katie McBride
Building a better lawyer
150 years of excellence
A brief history of Richmond Law as it celebrates its sesquicentennial
Photograph by Jamie Betts
Dear Professor
Alumni remember the faculty mentors who made a lasting impact on them.
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When Judge Robert H. Merhige Jr., L’42, issued a bold desegregation ruling in 1972, the public reaction came swiftly.
Resilience, goodwill, and service
Now, more than ever, is a vital time to honor an institution that works to advance the cause of justice.” A note from Dean Perdue.
Classes in the Zoom age
“Determination, empathy, and grace” were the three qualities that made Richmond Law’s sudden spring switch to remote learning work.
For the school’s 150th anniversary, alumni are helping tell the story of Richmond Law through an oral history project.
Elder law and COVID-19
As the pandemic broke, clinical students responded to their clients’ changing needs.
New grad, legal longtimer
Chris An, L’20, the Class of 2020’s commencement speaker, has thoughts about what he’ll say when the class belatedly gathers to celebrate in 2021.
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A seamless transition
The transition was smooth for the Hon. Mary Margaret Kent, W’77 and L’80, when she moved from magistrate to circuit court judge in Worcester County, Maryland.
Your fellow graduates
A look at Richmond Law alumni by the numbers
A degree within reach
The new Dean’s Opportunity Fund focuses on making Richmond Law more accessible to talented students of limited means.
Photograph by Keystone-France/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
Postwar justice
1915 graduate David Nelson Sutton wrote to the University of Richmond in 1946 to describe his role prosecuting war criminals in the Pacific Theater after World War II.
She builds brighter tomorrows
Veronica Brown-Moseley, L’14, created a nonprofit to build networking opportunities for people being introduced to new professions. 
Long-term change
A brief look at how Richmond Law has changed in 150 years.
A place of influence
In their most recent batch of decisions, Supreme Court justices repeatedly cited scholarship by Richmond Law faculty.
Photograph by Bob Brown/Richmond Times-Dispatch
A concern for lawyer wellness
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Her advice? Ask what's true
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Illustrations by Warren Chapel, R'26, and Katie McBride
Then and Now
What’s different — and what’s not — in the first-year curricula of 1920 and today.
Dean Wendy Perdue reflects on Richmond Law’s history, legal education, and the legal profession.
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